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Work Experience & Apprenticeships

Here at Elms farm we are able to offer a variety of different types of work experience to suit most careers within the equine industry including

  • Livery Groom/Management

  • Competition groom

  • Riding School groom/Management

  • Riding School Instructor​​

  • Coach/Trainer

  • Sales and Horse producing

  • Breaking and Schooling

  • Stud work

  • Event work/management

  • Riding

Work Experience at Elms farm can be very flexible to suit individual needs. You must be 13 years or over to do work experience. A variety of apprenticeships are available and are 4 days a week or a minimum of 30 hours.

Working along side proprietor of Elms Farm, Amy Dunbar, a UKCC accredited coach and trainer with a degree in Education. Amy has an abundance of knowledge and experience that aids her passion in encouraging young people find the right career path.

For more information please call Amy on


or email

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