Results and Points for Winter League


Due to lockdown, we have decided to change the final date to Sunday 2nd May, which means we have an extra date to gain extra points, the extra date is the old final date Sunday 4th April


Elms Farm Unaffiliated Showjumping Winter League


What it's all about?

The Elms Farm unaffiliated Showjumping Winter League starts in October and runs through to March with the final in April 2021.

Competitors gather points from each competition. The points are as follows

1st - 10pts

2nd - 9pts

3rd - 8pts

4th - 7pts

5th - 6pts

6th - 5pts

7th - 4pts

8th - 3pts

9th - 2pts

10th - 1pts 

The competitors with the most points by the end of the league will be offered a variety of Elms prizes and awards as well as sponsored prizes. A list of sponsors will be updated shortly.

Our main aim is to give our super competitors something to look forward to over the winter season!


What Happened to 2019/2020 winter league?

Following the unfortunate and abrupt end to our 2019/2020 winter league due to numerous storms in Jan/Feb and the start of Covid-19 in March 2020, we had no other choice but to cancel all competitions.

We were all gutted, to say the least.

But the show must go on!

With the 2020/2021 league fast approaching we made the decision to give those competitors who had points in the 2019/2020 league a head start in our 2020/2021 league.

The head start points can be found in the results link above.